Having smooth skin has its advantages. Every woman wants skin that looks good on every occasion. But the process to achieve this kind of skin can be a hassle at times.

There are many options like waxing, epilating, threading etc. the cost of these is twofold being financially burdensome and painful. Thanks to laser hair removal technology, there exists a long term solution to the problem of hair removal. People looking for unwanted hair treatment in Jaipur can be worry-free now.

Cosmo Care offers the best laser hair removal in Jaipur to all the women who want to feel awesome. You can be party-ready without heading to the parlour every time you want a hair removal. Isn’t it great?

Cosmo Care’s approach to best laser hair removal in Jaipur

We have successfully served many customers to give them a hair-free life through laser removal. We use the latest Diode hair removal technology in our clinic. Using the US-FDA approved technology gives us the edge over all other service providers for unwanted hair treatment in Jaipur.

Our services are highly professional with extreme caution taken for an appropriate methodology for the Indian skin.

Laser hair removal is not a one-time thing and thus would require quite a few sessions for the best results. We would recommend you book an appointment and get a personalised consultation before starting the treatment.

Major factors that affect laser hair treatment are the skin type and speed of hair growth. These factors are unique to each individual and we aim to provide you with the best and personalised laser hair removal in Jaipur. Our services are guided by the best practices of the dermatology industry and hence are perfect for your skin type. We thrive to provide the most comfortable and qualitative experience of laser hair removal.

Why Choose Dr. Jagdeep Rao at Cosmo Care for Laser Hair Removal in Jaipur

Dr Jagdeep Rao’s Clinic is a perfect place for you to get your laser hair removal done. With experience and precise skills, the service is highly professional. You can remain assured that the best quality will be offered to you.

Our clinic is known for superior services in unwanted hair removal in Jaipur as well as other facilities like surgeries and skin treatments. Your satisfaction is our primary aim and we wish to fulfil it with all our sincerity.

Frequently Asked Question

1. Why should you get laser hair removal done?

Ans. Laser hair removal is a method to diminish the growth of unwanted hair on the body. Generally, areas like legs, armpits, upper lip and swimsuit line are targeted.

Getting a laser treatment as opposed to other hair removal methods is beneficial for a variety of reasons. It is specialised for every skin type and does minimum damage to the skin. We offer the best laser hair removal in Jaipur as we use the best in class technology which is UD FDA approved.

2. Is laser hair removal permanent?

Ans. If permanency of the hair removal is your concern, we would like to clarify that permanency would mean no hair regrowth at all. But Laser hair removal does not completely do away with hair growth. Though it will considerably reduce it.

3. How much will Laser treatment cost me?

Ans. As we mentioned before, laser hair treatment is a very personalised process. Thus, this unpredictability makes it cost variable. The correct cost of hair removal for you can be ascertained once the number of sittings is determined.

The area of the body being treated and other factors related to beautification will also alter the cost. You can get an appointment with us to know what the cost for your laser hair removal would be.

4. Is this hair removal safe?

Ans.Laser hair removal is a very prominent method of hair removal in dermatology today. It is a completely safe process. We are experienced in the process and have a deep understanding of the requirements of various skin types and possible side effects.

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