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Botox for Hair

Botox for Hair: Effects, Benefits, Cost, and Process

What Is Hair Botox?

Consider hair botox as being comparable to skin botox. Botox, also known as Botulinum Toxin or BTX, is an injection that has been carefully manufactured. Skin Botox treatments are frequently used in cosmetic operations to minimize wrinkles, fine lines, and other symptoms of aging in addition to treating severe medical migraines.

Although hair botox is not injected, its main function is to smooth down frizzy hair. Additionally, an excellent hair botox guarantees a bigger, smoother head of hair together with the necessary deep conditioning treatment. If you have dry, brittle, or irritated hair, hair botox is quite helpful.

A non-chemical, formaldehyde-free deep conditioning procedure, hair botox differs from keratin and cysteine treatments. The procedure entails applying less damaging botox hair treatment solutions to your hair’s surface to help combat frizz and enhance the appearance of dull, damaged hair.

It appears that hair botox does have some advantages over pure straightening procedures in terms of straightening hair, but they are not comparable in terms of the benefits it provides. While it does not create voluminous or velvety hair, it does reconstruct damaged and thickened thin spots in your hair fibers. hair botox is deferent from hair transplant surgery. 

How does hair Botox work?

In a deep conditioning procedure called hair botox, keratin or another filler is applied to the hair fibers. To make the hair look fuller and more lustrous, the treatment fills up any thin or broken areas on each hair strand.

Depending on the product, different substances are used. Intra-Cylane, a component of L’Oreal Professional’s Fiberceutic, is used to inject flexible, supple fibers into hair strands. This contributes to the look of smoother, fuller hair. Majestic Hair Botox, a different well-known item, asserts to utilize a proprietary combination of

  • caviar oil
  • BONT-L peptide
  • vitamin B-5
  • E vitamins
  • This treatment involves a collagen complex, which is what makes it “Botox-like”

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Benefits of Hair Botox

  • Youthful-looking hair: Your mane begins to lose volume and flexibility as you age, which is one of the unfavorable effects. One of the most popular hair treatments today, a single session can give your hair a more youthful appearance (with less damage). Because of this, hair botox treatment expenses may appear excessive, but they are justified.
  • Hair smoothness: The procedure, known as “Botox for Hair,” fills your hair fibers to smooth them out and lessen frizz. If your hair is damaged, a botox treatment will make it silkier and shinier because it deeply conditions and gives luster to dull tresses
  • Hair straightening: Your hair’s texture is also straightened during this procedure, providing a tonne of texture and gloss for a glamorous finish. It’s also very advisable to look into “hair botox treatment near me” if you wish to strengthen your split ends and weak hair.
  • Suitable for all hair types: All hair types can benefit from a hair botox treatment. Having said that, hair that was previously dry, damaged, frizzy, and dull will show the effects of the treatment more clearly. Additionally, those with fine hair types could consider using the treatment to give their mane a lot of volume.
  • Less damaging: Depending on the hair type and the desired outcomes, the best form of hair treatment is chosen. Even though other treatments produce more obvious results, botox treatments are recognized to be less harmful in comparison, according to reviews of the procedure on hair. For severely thin and fragile hair that keratin treatments could otherwise harm, botox treatments are advised. A keratin or cysteine treatment, on the other hand, can assist modify the texture of hair fiber and provide a more lasting alteration if you’re seeking a dramatic hair makeover.

Who Should Ideally Get A Hair Botox?

There is a perfect client in mind for this hair treatment just like any other. Not everyone should get a treatment they read about online or observe someone else obtaining. For a particular audience, hair botox is also advised, much as a Keratin treatment for those with curly hair.
If you suffer from these issues, you should consider hair botox

  • Split Ends
  • Fine Hair
  • Lacking Volume Or Lustre
  • Damaged Hair
  • Frizzy Hair

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How much does hair Botox cost?

Depending on whether you buy the materials to use at home or have the treatment done at a salon, the cost of a Botox hair treatment can range from approximately 11,000 to 23,000 INR and higher. Additionally, prices vary according to location. Before scheduling an appointment if you’re having the procedure done at a salon, find out the cost.

The Procedure of Botox Hair Treatment

It’s time to comprehend how botox treatment for hair is carried out now that you are aware of what it is. To achieve the best results, use this hair treatment. It is one of the most widely used methods of hair care. Before receiving a botox hair treatment, it is crucial to have a complete understanding of your hair type and the problem regions. The method may take a different form, although it frequently contains peptides, proteins, vitamins, amino acids, collagen building blocks, and lipids.

Treatment with hair botox involves the following steps.

  • Step 1: To remove any dirt or cosmetic buildup that can be hiding the hair and scales, the hair is thoroughly cleaned. To prepare the hair for the procedure, this is done. Additionally, after shampooing, no conditioner is applied. Additionally, it helps to open up the hair cuticles, which enables the therapy to go deeper.
  • Step 2: After drying your hair, you receive hair botox therapy, which is then kept in for around 45 minutes. A sulfate-free hair cleaner can be used to remove the treatment after applying it from the roots to the ends of the hair.
  • Step 3: After washing the hair, a heating tool is used to straighten it, sealing in the treatment. To maximize the effects, the hairdresser may choose to straighten the hair without first blow-drying it.

Drawbacks/side Effects of Botox Treatment for Hair

The disadvantages of hair botox treatment are as follows

  • After Care is Essential: After the treatment, you must use sulfate-free shampoos because regular shampoos will negate the effects of the treatment. Additionally, stay away from using hairdryers and straighteners because they strip your hair’s vitamins and minerals.
  • Expensive: Because hair botox incorporates sophisticated chemicals for restoring hair, the procedure is pricey.
  • Change Your Hair Tone: If you dye your hair, you’ll notice that after the treatment, the color of your hair somewhat changes. This is so that vitamins may be injected into your hair as part of the treatment. Thus, it might alter the tone of your hair.
  • The Interior of the curls won’t change: Curls are only slightly straightened by it. The interior hair fibers are not altered throughout the therapy. Your hair’s internal cuticles must disintegrate if you wish to alter the internal structure. This can be accomplished by utilizing the colorless, pungent-smelling chemical gas formaldehyde, which is not used in this treatment.
  • Can’t Dye Hair After Treatment: Because the procedure includes injecting vitamins into the outer layer of your hair, if you undergo hair botox treatment after dyeing your hair, the color may somewhat change.
  • Cost of Hair Botox Treatment: The cost of a hair botox treatment ranges from 11,000 to 23,000. Geographical location, kind of treatment, whether done at home or with purchased products and salon appointments all affect the price.

Is hair Botox safe?

Although there is a chance of skin irritability or an allergic reaction with any hair treatment, the product is regarded as safe for use. The treatment shouldn’t come in contact with your skin to lower the danger of negative side effects.

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